NENDO 2: Inside the « Nendo DataTeam » workshop

NENDO data team

NENDO project’s second phase started almost three weeks ago. The different members of Burkina Open Data community and the different partners gather every Saturday at the headquarters of ANPTIC located in Ouaga 2000 to carry out the work that leads to pushing online NENDO 2. Three teams were formed to work each on an important part of the project. Here We choose to zoom in on one of these teams: the NENDO Data Team.

The open data, especially data on education, are the raw material of NENDO 2 project’s development. It is the Data Team that is mainly responsible for identifying these data to be used. the Team is also in charge of collecting and formatting identified data to make them available to the development team (The NENDO DevTeam).

The Nendo Data Team comprises agents from ANPTIC, government officers, consultants and some students. All these OpenData enthusiasts, most of them volunteering since the beginning have chosen to contribute to the development of Nendo2 in the data pane.

From the very first working session, the group carried out an inventory of all available data and those that are missing. According to Mr. Bazo FOFANA from OpenStreetMap Burkina, most of the remaining work since then is the data processing and the data clearance. To do this, these data Experts are using tools such as Excel which allows them to attach geographic coordinates to the list of schools.

« We also use Notepad to edit the data (deleted, filter in order to keep only relevant information) » stated Mr. FOFANA.

From the time being, one of the major difficulty encountered is that the data are from different sources thus sometimes hard to handle with automated scripts; manual processing is therefore needed said Mr. FOFANA.

Also, »missing data for some features are encountered and we expect in this case data from MENA, the National Ministry of Education » added another Member of the Team.

However, Team Members are confident. They promised to the « Nendo Dev Team » the first data sets for the next session.
Cheick Omar OUEDRAOGO and The NENDO 2 Communication Team
Translated from French by Malick Lingani

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